Fiona McDonald

Fiona McDonald

In my work I explore the points of intersection between science and art. My practice comprises of installation, print and digital media works, which utilise audio-visual and sensor technology – which incorporate generative sonic and visual content.

My artworks comprise of bespoke experimental apparatus which explore generative systems. I’m aiming to prompt viewers to meditate on the dynamics between art and science; man-made and ‘natural’ systems; the technological and the ‘alive’; experiment and knowledge; form and content. My works can be seen as experimental or propositional spaces, whose boundaries are defined by the tensions between seeming opposites – micro/macro; positive/ negative; order/chaos; visible / invisible.

I construct spaces or situations in which the laws and concepts of physics, chemical process and art are brought into play and combined to bring about evolving environments, which exist in constant states of flux and suspension.

The accumulations and erosions of forms that are recorded in these works, are suggestive of lunarscapes, eco-systems, intergalactic traffic or crystal worlds.







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