Cliona Harmey

Cliona Harmey is interested in the histories, artifacts and hybrid forms of technologies. Her current work combines sculpture and live data and image feeds. Her work often reflects on histories of communication technologies from shipping to flags and semaphores. She is based in Dublin and is currently a lecturer at the National College of Art & Design and has exhibited in curated shows in Ireland and internationally.

essomenia work statement:

My current work is a type of assemblage constructed from existing systems and found objects. My work often combines sculpture with imaging or some other data transmission technology. In some instances I attempt to obstruct or slow down the perceived speed of instant transmission by making works, which appear static or slowly hypnotic, trying to return instantaneous data speed to the phenomenal movement of entities/phenomena in real space. I sometimes re-craft or modify systems.  I am very interested in technologies of transmission and signaling with particular reference to the overlap of man-made and natural systems.


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